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During your wedding planning, each decision has major impact. The venue, the caterer, the DJ, etc. That is why, at Florida Wedding Vows, we do our best to make the ceremony exactly what you want.

Our fee structure is very simple. Everything below is included for only $175.00. The only add-on is for travel over 50 road miles from our office (as shown on Google Maps®). To determine the mileage and fee to your venue use this mileage calculator.

Our services include:

A Free No Obligation Initial Consultation
At Florida Wedding Vows it is all about you. We want you to feel comfortable with us and our services. That is why we offer a free no-obligation consultation before you book us.
Once you contact us, we will chat via phone or Zoom® to answer any questions you have about us or our services.
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Unlimited Planning Meetings
After you book us and have paid your deposit, we will schedule your planning meeting. Your officiant will meet with you in-person, via telephone, or Zoom® to find out about your relationship and what's important to you. That will help us write the perfect ceremony for you. Maybe you want to write your own vows or include any children into blended vows. Some couples request a remembrance for a loved-one. If you require more than one meeting, that is perfectly fine. Like it says "Unlimited".
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Unlimited Ceremony and Vow Editing
After your planning meeting(s) we will write a draft of your ceremony and if you are not writing your own vows, provide a "standard" vow for you to review. You may add and/or delete items. Your officiant will then approve the ceremony or make some suggestions to keep within the dignity of a wedding. Some ceremonies have more flexibility for change than others.
Some couples chose to write their own vows and that is perfectly fine. We will work with you to make sure your vows are what you want. Of course, wedding vows need to contain certain elements and we will help you with that.
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The majority of our couples either do not have a rehearsal or do not need us to attend. We offer a free guide to running your rehearsal that includes the traditional processional order. This is a PDF file that you can print and use to plan your rehearsal. If however, you do want us to attend your rehearsal we will gladly do so as part of our package as long as the venue is within 50 miles from our offices. For distances over 50 miles, please see our FAQ "What are the additional travel charges and fees?"
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The Big Day
The day is finally here. All your planning, all the stresses, come together. You're getting married!
Your officiant will arrive at the venue approximately 45 minutes before the ceremony is due to start. We will check-in with you and your intended to make sure there are no last minute questions. We are happy to coordinate with the other professionals you have to have this ceremony go off without a hitch.
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Marriage Certificate
After your ceremony your officiant will present you with a certificate suitable for framing.
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Meal Blessing
If you wish, we are happy to stay for the beginning of the meal and perform a meal blessing. This is optional and you do not have to add the officiant to your guest list. We generally do not stay for the reception.
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Your Marriage License
After the ceremony, although it is not required, some couples like to have witnesses sign their license. That is okay. Your officiant will sign it. Your officiant will then take the license and, the next business day, file it via USPS mail with the issuing county clerk. You will be provided with a tracking number and a copy of the signed license. See our FAQ for more information on your license.
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