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Ceremony Ideas

sand ceremony

We are frequently asked about different rituals that can be included in a wedding ceremony. Here is information on some of the most popular. We have included a brief description and included a list of the items necessary. Please note that FL Wedding Vows does not provide these items. This is your responsibility.

If you have any questions about these or if you want to schedule your wedding, please contact us.

Sand Ceremony

The bride and groom has an individual container of sand in different colors. The officiant has a third in white. There is a larger container to receive the sand.

The minister pours some of the white sand into the container first symbolizing the base of God in the marriage. The bride and groom then alternate pouring their sand into the container creating a "sand painting" that is unique to them. Finally the minister adds a top layer of white symbolizing God sealing the marriage.

This shows that two different personalities can be merged into one beautiful family and once put together, can never be separated.

Required materials:

  • Individual containers for the bride, the groom, and the minister with different color sand for the bride and groom and  white sand for the minister.
  • A larger container to receive the sand.
  • A table to place the containers on.

Unity Candle

There are 3 candles on a table at the front of the ceremony room. There are 2 tapers in holders and one larger diameter candle in the middle. At the beginning of the ceremony the couple lights the tapers (some couples have their parents or others bring the candles up). When it is time for the ceremony, the bride and groom each take their taper and together light the center candle. They then extinguish the tapers.

The individual tapers represent the couple as individuals. Lighting the Unity Candle shows that the joining together of two flames creates a brighter flame of their life together.

Required materials:

  • Two tapers and candle holders.
  • A larger (generally 2-3" in diameter) candle and holder or plate.
  • A lighter
  • A table for the candle

Hand Fasting/Knot

The hand fasting ceremony has the officiant wrap the couple's hands with a ribbon while sharing a reading. The officiant then knots the ribbon to symbolize the joining of the two individuals into one. Many couples then process out with their hands still wrapped together.

There is another variant of this where the couple ties a fisherman's knot. The fisherman's knot is the strongest knot known and only gets stronger as it is tightened. This symbolizes the indestructable bond of marriage.