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Frequenly Asked Questions

We serve the counties of Brevard, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole, and Volusia in Central Florida. We will also travel anywhere in Florida if you wish. There is an additional travel charge over 50 road miles (as calculated on Google Maps®). Use the link to determine the mileage to your venue.

The fee for FL Wedding Vows to perform your service is $175.00. That fee is all inclusive, however, there may be additional fees for travel and parking.See "Our Services" page for a complete description abd see "What are the additional travel charges and fees?" below.

If your venue does not offer free parking, you are responible for validating or paying for your officiant's parking.

Travel of up to 50 road miles one-way from our home office, for the ceremony and rehearsal (if necessary) is included.Travel is calculated from the home office to the wedding venue usinng Google Maps®. Also, if your venue does not offer free parking, you are responsible for the officiants parking fee or validation. For travel over 50 miles, the following charges apply:

  1. For travel from 51 - 75 miles ......... $ 25,00
  2. For travel from 76 - 100 miles ........ $ 50.00
  3. for travel over 100 miles ............. $ 75.00
  4. Travel over 75 miles also incurs the following charges:
    1. For wedding ceremonies with a rehearsal the day before, a hotel room for the night between the rehearsal and the ceremony must be provided. In addition, if the wedding ceremony begins at or after 3:00 PM local time, a hotel room for the night of the ceremony is required. All room costs are borne by the couple. Meals are the responsibility of the officiant.
    2. For wedding ceremonies without a rehearsal, that begin at or after 3:00 PM local time, a hotel room for the night of the wedding ceremony. All room costs are borne by the couple. Meals are the responsibility of the officiant.
  5. Rehearsal attendance for travel over 50 miles ..........$ 50.00 + travel fees noted above.

There are 3 types of services available:

  1. Liturgical - The Liturgical Service is a traditional Lutheran service like you would have if you are getting married in a church (although a church is not required for the service). Your officiant is traditionally vested. Being of Lutheran faith is not required.
  2. Non-Denominational Christian - The non-demoninational Christian service is just as it sounds. It is not structured to any specifica denomination but is Christian in its content. Scripture is optional and the service is somewhat customizable. Your officiant is dressed in a black suit and shirt with a clerical collar. Any customization must maintain the solemnity and decorum of a wedding and is subject to your officant's approval.
  3. Civil - The civil wedding service contains no mention of religion. It is similar to the type of service you would have at a courthouse. However it is highly customizable but must maintain the solemnity and decorum of a wedding. Your officiant will be dressed in a jacket and tie or more casual dress as you prefer. This service is performed by a Notary Public for the State of Florida.

Of course! Today, many couples have children from a previous relationship or from their relationship. In addition to the traditional roles of flower girl and ring bearer, couples wish to involve the children directly in the ceremony. When families are blended together as one, couples include the children in their vows or in other ways. Your officiant will discuss these options with you.

The majority of our couples either do not have a rehearsal or do not need us to attend. We offer a free guide to running your rehearsal that includes the traditional processional order. This is a PDF file that you can print and use to plan your rehearsal. If however, you do want us to attend your rehearsal we will gladly do so as part of our package as long as the venue is within 50 miles from our offices. For distances over 50 miles, please see our FAQ "What are the additional travel charges and fees?"

While we try to be as flexible as possible, in accomodating change, we cannot guarantee the availability of your officiant on the new date or at the new time. Please give us as much advance notice as possible regarding any changes so that we can try to find a solution for you.

A Marriage License is required to legally perform a wedding. Without it, the ceremony can still happen but it means nothing legally. In other words, you are not married.

To get married in the State of Florida you must have a Florida Marriage license. You can obtain your license, from a Florida Clerk of Courts,  either in person or for out of state couples, the option of by mail. The best way to get your license is in person. You simply appear in person before the County Clerk (both members of the couple must appear together), present government issued ID (passport, driver's license, or state ID card). fill out an application, pay the fee, and receive your license. You may go to any County Clerk in Florida regardless of where in Florida you are getting married.

For couples who reside in Florida, there is a 3-day waiting period between the issue date and the date the license becomes valid. If you go through certified pre-marital counseling, there is no waiting period. Out of state couples do not have the waiting period restriction. Your newly issued license is good for 60 days from the date of issue. That means that the wedding ceremony must be performed before the expiration date.

Do you have a question that you don't see answered here. Please contact us.