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Your Ceremony

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Your officiant will customize your ceremony to you and your desires. We can include your love story, your families, and your remembrances to create the ultimate wedding ceremony for you and your guests.

Your officiant is well experienced in performing wedding ceremonies. We have worked with all couples from different religious beliefs including those that do not belong to any tradition. We are happy to officiate at inter-faith ceremonies as well.

Browse the types of ceremonies below and then take a look at the ceremony add-ons that are available at no additional cost.

There are three (3) different types of ceremonies Liturgical, Non-Denominational, and civil.

The Liturgical Ceremony

This is the most popular type of ceremony. It is the type of ceremony you commonly see in church but can be performed anywhere.

There is a specific order of service with little room for changes. However remembrances of loved ones, and blended vows can still be added in addition to the add-ons described below can be used as long as they are done with the decorum and solemnity of the service in mind.

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The Christian Ceremony

The non-denominational ceremony still has mention of God and prayer in the ceremony and can also contain scripture but is "lighter" in nature than the religious ceremony

The non-denominational ceremony has more ability to be customized and portions may be added to or left out entirely

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Civil Ceremony

The civil ceremony has no mention of God or any deity. It is a basic ceremony but has the most latitude for customization.

This ceremony is similar to the ceremony that the county clerk performs at the court house except that with Florida Wedding Vows, you may customize the service to your hearts content

Vow Renewal

The vow renewal ceremony is a celebration of the marriage. It it an opportunity for the couples to re-affirm their marriage vows and their love for one another. Many families include their children in this ceremony.

This is a pure celebration. There is no license necessary and vow renewals are most often done in a church or a private home. They can be very intimate or a vow renewal ceremony can be an excuse for a blow-out party. Contact us for more information on your vow renewal

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